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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tumeric and how it can completely heal and the body from the effects of pregnancy

We all know tumeric as the wonder herb of the world. It heals everything from chronic diseases as well as acute diseases. Most people are unaware that tumeric can also be consumed during pregnancy as well as after pregnancy. Both with very beneficial results.

When pregnant a woman's body undergoes a host of changes and unpleasant symptoms that the comsumption of a pinch of tumeric in some warm milk can help alleviate drastically, to be consumed 3 times weekly. Here are a list of things that tumeric can help with if consumed while pregnant:

  • Cures Constipation:

The problem of constipation and hemorrhoids is quite common during pregnancy. Turmeric milk helps cure such digestive issues.

  • Maintains Blood Cholesterol Level:

During pregnancy, the cholesterol level of the body fluctuates and can cause pregnancy complexities. Turmeric milk helps maintain the blood cholesterol level during gestation.

  • Anti-Bacterial Property:

Turmeric possesses anti-bacterial properties and helps cure bacterial infection during pregnancy.

  • Boosts Immunity:

Turmeric milk has amazing antioxidant properties. It helps boost the immune system and keeps mom away from harmful infections.

  • Relieves Cough And Cold:

Turmeric milk is a homemade recipe to cure sore throat and cough during pregnancy. The antiseptic property of turmeric combined with soothing milk helps relieve respiratory issues due to cough and cold.

  • Helps To Sleep Well:

A glass of warm milk one hour prior to sleep is highly beneficial. Milk contains essential elements serotonin and melatonin. These elements combine with the vital nutrients of turmeric helps and help release stress and induce sleep.

  • Boosts Blood Circulation:

Turmeric milk is a potent blood purifier and helps regulate blood flow of in the body.

When consumed after pregnancy. It causes the uterus to completely shrink back to it's former state. As well its cleans the blood and the body of all the bacteria left after the baby exits. It helps regulate the hormone levels as well as get the thyroid and liver back in shape, which is severely damaged after pregnancy.